Tourist Info

From now on, this page is tourist headquarters! I get tons of emails from people visiting New Orleans asking what they should do (besides strip clubs). What’s the best nightclub, where should I eat… who should I call to have strippers come to my hotel room, et cetera. This page will be a hub of information for tourists and visitors alike. Work in progress…

Perhaps I should elaborate on the purpose of this page. I wrote these two posts with tourists in mind. If you’re a local, there’s nothing in there you don’t already know. Tourism is the lifeblood of New Orleans, and food is our identity. We need tourists to survive; and we can’t have lame, shitty tourist traps costing us our livelihood. Is this an “end all, be all” list? Absolutely not. Is it a good start? I think so.

Tourist Guide, Pt. 1: Best Food/Restaurants
Tourist Guide, Pt. 2: Best Bars/Nightlife
Tourist Guide, Pt. 3: Entertainment (Coming Soon!)

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