Strip Club Index

Listed here are all of the New Orleans-area strip clubs I’ve reviewed:

Babe’s Cabaret
Club Eden
Deja Vu Showgirls
Larry Flynt’s Barely Legal
Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club
Lipstixx Gentlemen’s Club
Little Darlings (CLOSED)
Passions Men’s Club
Penthouse Club New Orleans
Rick’s Cabaret
Rick’s Sporting Saloon
Scores New Orleans
Stiletto’s Cabaret
Visions Men’s Club
Below are some follow-up reviews I’ve posted:

Revisiting Temptations
Revisiting Visions Men’s Club
Is Penthouse Starting to Drop Off?
Penthouse Drink & Dance Prices (updated)
A Fresh Look at the Penthouse Club in 2013
Rick’s Cabaret, Part Deux
Visiting Centerfolds: First Experience
Tuesday Night Strip Clubbing in October
Saturday Night Strip Clubbing on Bourbon Street
Revisiting Visions Men’s Club, Club Eden
The Latest on Visions, Stiletto’s and More

4 Responses to Strip Club Index

  1. Anonymous says:

    what new Orleans club let you get touchy feely. And are all the New Orleans Clubs just topples or are there full nude ones



    • It’s really more about than dancer than the club itself. A prude dancer won’t allow contact, and the club can’t force her to do it. On the flip side, a more easy going dancer will let customers touch even in the strictest of clubs. Also, I assume you’re talking about lap dances. Most clubs won’t allow much touching if the girl is on stage. Sometimes the dancer will touch customers or put tits in their face, but as far as you reaching up and grabbing the dancers ass or boobs, it usually isn’t permitted.

      But, to answer your question:

      Clubs that are tolerant of two-way contact: Scores, Stiletto’s, Lipstixx, Temptations, Visions
      Clubs that mostly tolerate two-way contact: Barely Legal, Deja Vu
      Clubs that kinda tolerate two-way contact: Hustler Club, Penthouse
      Clubs that are less tolerant of two-way contact: Rick’s, Babe’s

      And then there are places like Big Daddy’s World Famous Love Acts, where you wouldn’t want to touch anything…

      There are no fully nude clubs in New Orleans that I know of. Just topless. Supposedly Passions (in New Orleans East) is fully nude, but I haven’t been.


  2. Anonymous says:

    what about Passions or She She’s?


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