Recommended Sites

The Ultimate Strip Club List (TUSCL) – This is the largest social review site for strip clubs across the country. TUSCL features strip club reviews in a message board format and a separate forum for members. As you’d expect, there are some frill reviews here and there, but they’re fair for the most part. You can either pay for full membership (I wouldn’t) or post a review and get a two-week trial membership (plus an additional two weeks for every post after that).

Strip Club List – This is another site for information/reviews on strip clubs across the country, but the reviews aren’t as in-depth.

Strip Club Defender – This is another blog I started recently. The purpose is to address the cultural and societal issues facing strip clubs today. My intention is to battle some of the unfair criticisms and stereotypes attributed to strippers and strip club customers. Stripping is a legitimate job like anything else and going to strip clubs is a 100% legal form of entertainment, yet politicians, women’s right activists, community organizations, religious groups, etc. would have you think we’re responsible for the world’s evils. Strip clubs shouldn’t be shunned from society, and some needs to combat the unnecessary attacks. Hopefully this blog is a start.

Peter Tips – This is another strip club blogger/reviewer/connoisseur like myself, except Peter Tips is more national. Peter Tips has reviews for clubs all over the United States, and some international clubs as well. He’s very detailed and objective, I find, when reviewing clubs. He also has a pretty active Twitter account.

Strip Club Hound – Strip Club Hound is written by a former manager of a strip club in Southern California. He does review some of the clubs in SoCal, but most of his posts are written from the manager’s perspective of running a strip club, which is really interesting. His posts deal with everything from how strip clubs deal with local law enforcement to what strippers are like away from the club.

Stripper Web – This is another strip club message board, but a lot of the members are strippers. If you want an unfiltered look into the stripper community, this may be your best option.

Tits and Sass – Tits and Sass is written by a group of sex industry workers. Most of the posts are humorous/satirical posts about breaking news in the sex industry. Nothing serious, just light-hearted commentary. I would highly recommend checking it out.

Xtreme Magazine / Xtreme 411 – Full disclosure, I was asked by a representative of the two publications to add them to this page. Xtreme Magazine has some cool stuff on it; I liked the interviews with various strippers and porn actresses around the country. The Strip Club Locator ( needs work. Similar to TUSCL or Strip Club List, but no reviews. It is helpful if you’re visiting a new city and just need some names and addresses of nearby strip clubs.

5 Responses to Recommended Sites

  1. Anonymous says:

    Are there any clubs where women can see see men dance/strip?


    • I honestly have no idea. LOL.

      It seems like I remember a male strip club being around before Katrina, but I don’t think there’s one now. There are probably places where men strip in the city, but the customers are more likely to be gay men than women. Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, and Florida have male strip clubs.

      UPDATE: I Googled it and found some place called “LA Hardbodies” ( It’s on the West Bank. There are two other places in the French Quarter called The Corner Pocket (link) and Oz (link). I’m 99% sure they’re both gay clubs. I’m not sure if that’s what you’re looking for, but just be aware of that.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Clubcensus – the new strip club forum chat space


  3. Stro Diggs says:

    Why you should NEVER pay for a lap dance at a strip club…


  4. Tom says:

    Check out Find adult clubs and entertainers locally and around the world.


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