This blog exists to promote strip clubs and nightlife in New Orleans. It is intended as a reference guide for both locals and tourists. Many out-of-towners are disappointed with the strip club scene in New Orleans when they come, and I think the biggest reason is they don’t know where to go and where to avoid. Tourists are the lifeblood of the New Orleans economy, so it hurts the city when our tourists don’t enjoy themselves. I want what’s best for New Orleans – and that’s satisfied tourists.

I’m someone who would like to start his own club someday, but until then I’ll gladly critique the competition. Unlike TUSCL, Nola Strip Club Review will always be a free resource for New Orleans strip clubs. I would never charge people to view this content, and I think it’s BS when other blogs charge fees.

I suppose I’m kind of naive when I say that, with the right leaders, a job in the sex industry can as desirable and respected as a job in any other profession. I truly believe that. But before that happens, the business needs to see some radical changes in culture and leadership.

DISCLAIMER: The images posted on my blog are not property of NOLA Strip Club Review but of their respective clubs. The images and content used on this site are used under the fair use provision of the Copyright Act for purposes of comment, criticism, and news reporting.

Owners and managers of local area strip clubs reviewed in this blog are welcome to email me at nolastripclubreview@gmail.com.

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