Babe’s Cabaret and Big Daddy’s both lose alcohol permits

In addition to the five clubs named earlier, Babe’s Cabaret and Big Daddy’s will also lose their alcohol permit according to WWL and Louisiana ATC reports instances of prostitution and “drug activity” at both strip clubs, plus two other bars on Bourbon Street (The Swamp and Bourbon Cowboy).

Babe's Cabaret on Bourbon Street in New Orleans

While a club named Big Daddy’s World Famous Love Acts – yes, that’s the full name of the club – getting shut down for (alleged) prostitution doesn’t surprise me, Babe’s Cabaret does. Babe’s had undergone a serious renovation to the club and had become pretty tame, I thought. There really weren’t any “private” rooms, or at least private in the sense that nobody couldn’t easily see what was going on in there. I’m sure there was some OTC going on there (just like there is at all of the “clean” clubs… Hustler, Barely Legal, etc). But unlike Lipstixx, Scores, etc. – there wasn’t much fucking going on inside the club whenever I went. Unless the club changed dramatically in a short amount of time.

It’s an interesting time for the New Orleans strip club scene.

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2 Responses to Babe’s Cabaret and Big Daddy’s both lose alcohol permits

  1. Jose says:

    Can’t help but notice from reading reports that the action was taken by State ATC and State Police and not by NOLA police, and that there was some initial friction with the city courts as to staying the suspensions. Could be indicative of a clash between a conservative State government and the looser City. The more cynical among us would wonder if the Corporate clubs may have “suggested” something.

    And yes, I too wonder what happened to Babe’s since I last was there, used to be a relatively respectable place, for an indie. I agree nobody should be surprised about any of the others.

    This must have depressed business over the holiday season, I wonder if everyone will hang tight until Mardi Gras in fear of ATC doing an Operation Shrove Monday as an encore…


    • The State Police have been patrolling the French Quarter for some time now (due to the shortage of NOPD officers). Everyone knew which clubs were dirty, and I think you could be right – the State Police don’t have the same laissez faire attitude toward the strip clubs as the local police.

      My suspicion is the deaths of the two dancers from Temptations (Jaren Lockhart) and Stiletto’s (Jasilas Wright) forced the hand of local/state authorities. It’s one thing if there’s sucking and fucking going on inside the VIP rooms, or even if there are drugs. That can be glossed over. But when dancers are getting killed by their pimps… that’s going to get attention.

      What I find most laughable is the penalties given to the clubs. The total fines issued to Lipstixx, Scores, et al amounted to $40,000: (And they have to hire an outside security firm to install cameras, blah blah blah. Visions has cameras… and it doesn’t stop anybody.) They took away maybe one weekend’s worth of revenue from the clubs – for years and years of misconduct. They got off easy.


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