Multiple Bourbon Street Strip Clubs Cited for Drugs, Prostitution, and Other Crimes

I may need to update my post on where you can “score” in New Orleans!

In case you haven’t heard, five strip clubs on Bourbon Street were busted in an undercover drug and prostitution sting conducted by the Louisiana ATC. Charges ranged from drugs and prostitution to the more vague “lewd/improper acts.” The affected clubs are: Lipstixx, Scores New Orleans (aka “The Mansion on Bourbon”), Centerfolds, Dixie Divas, and Chez Joey (formerly Artist Cafe).

Scores Mansion on Bourbon Street in New OrleansLipstixx Gentlemen's Club on Bourbon Street in New Orleans

To anyone familiar with the New Orleans strip club scene, this is hardly surprising. I’m more surprised that Stiletto’s and Temptations were left off the list. How did they miss that? Lipstixx was always an extras club. The main section of the club looked like dirt, but they always kept up the champagne rooms. All of the “hustle” at Lipstixx was an attempt to get you in the VIP. The regular lap dance room was stupid; an uncomfortable, baseball dugout-style bench in one room with no dividers. Same with Centerfolds. All about the VIP.

Scores, however, wasn’t always a dive. It used to draw the best talent of all the local clubs – just a step down from Penthouse and Rick’s. Scores went eventually the “high mileage” route, too. And they tried to overcharge my credit card, too, so fuck them. (Cardinal Sin: using a credit card in the strip club. NEVER bring it; withdraw what you want to spend and use that as leverage by saying “I didn’t bring my card and this is what I’ve got” … it works more than you think. Plus, you’ll know exactly what you spent when you leave.)

Chez Joey on Iberville in New Orleans

Say cheese! I legitimately didn’t know Chez Joey existed until this story broke.

Dixie Divas and Chez Joey needed to be thrown into retirement. Society is better off without them.

Anyway, three clubs – Scores, Centerfolds, and Lipstixx – tried to get their alcohol permits back today in court. They were denied.

Does this mean the tide will turn on Bourbon Street? Will Stiletto’s and Temptations become “clean” once again? Only time will tell. I haven’t been to Bourbon in a while, but would love to know if management has given the red light to any “extras” at either club. Perhaps one of my readers should do their own investigation.

So, what else is new…?

Rick’s Cabaret was voted #1 by readers of Gambit‘s “Best of New Orleans 2015” and Where Y’at‘s “Best of the Big Easy 2015”. The Penthouse Club and Visions Men’s Club rounded out the top three on both lists.

Speaking of Visions… the club is going through a rough patch right now. I don’t know if it was a particularly brutal summer, but the club is struggling to get a good crowd on weeknights. Even Friday nights can be spotty.

New Orleans FINALLY passed a smoking ban for bars and clubs! The ban affects all of Orleans Parish – not just Bourbon Street. And I will say, it’s never been more pleasant to go into clubs and not come out smelling like smoke. Visions was unbearable. And even higher-end clubs like Penthouse were starting to reek.

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