A Friendly Reminder to Fellow Clubbers

Be VERY careful when bringing credit cards to the strip club. Most of the time, having them does you more harm than good. Quite often, you’ll withdraw more money than you plan/want to spend (and rack up outrageous ATM fees). And that’s not the worst that can happen.

Strip Club Stage

See, why bring credit cards when strippers really want dollar bills…

Consider this story where four strippers and a strip club manager in NYC were charged with conspiring to drug wealthy men and run up their credit cards. To the tune of $190,000. You may say, “Wait – this didn’t happen in a strip club. They were ‘lured’ in regular nightclubs and drugged outside the strip clubs.” That’s besides the point, smartass.

Please understand I’m not trying to make generalizations about strippers or strip club staff members. Definitely not. I think most people, in general, are honest and want to see customers have a good time. And I think that holds true in strip clubs. I’ve met too many good guys and gals in the clubs to think otherwise. However …

… not everyone is honest. Not everyone acts in good faith. These strippers premeditated befriending these guys so they could drug them and rob them blind. And then extort them if they disputed the charges. And the manager of the place went right along with it. And so did the other employees of the club. Does anyone really think the bartenders didn’t know what was going on? Or the other managers or bouncers? Not one of them? And the other strippers – none of them knew anything?

I’m not trying to be cynical, but this paints an ugly picture of the industry. This is worse than when clubs like Hustler allow patrons to (drunkenly) spend themselves into oblivion at their club. At least you can blame the drunk guy for being an idiot (even though bartenders are legally obligated to cut off customers who are noticeably intoxicated). This was a case of the strip club accepting bogus charges. In fact, why aren’t the two clubs being charged? Hmm….

Anyway, lecture over. Moral of the story: watch your shit at all times. Avoid carrying credit cards to the strip clubs if possible. Never be too trusting of anyone. They’re not there to be your friend, they’re there to make money. Your money. So be safe out there.

UPDATE: In classic form, the strip club (Scores NYC) still refuses to withdraw its lawsuit. I guess I can’t blame; all those drinks cost money and they’re carrying a pretty hefty debt right now. But, as mentioned, when the shit hits the fan – don’t expect a strip club owner to take your side…

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