It’s Official – Little Darlings Is No More

So, this is very old news, but I can confirm Little Darlings is no longer in operation (not the chain, the Bourbon Street location). I posted an article from WDSU saying that the club had been hit with a $62,500 fine for “alleged prostitution and loitering.” The problems for Little Darlings don’t end with the New Orleans location, as 17 people were arrested at a Little Darlings in Oklahoma City for “engaging in lewd acts” this time last year.

Little Darlings New Orleans

The building that Little Darlings once called home.

As you can see above, the venue that once housed the club has been gutted and stripped of all corporate signage. The website now redirects to a site called At this point, I am unsure if another club will open in its place. This was your go-to club if you liked black strippers and inexpensive extras.

The question now is will other extras clubs on Bourbon, namely Stiletto’s and Lipstixx, feel the pressure to curtail what’s going on in the VIP rooms, or did law enforcement just have it out for Little Darlings. It’s likely the bust stemmed from complaints of drugs and not just solicitation. It’s not that drugs are isolated to Little Darlings, but it was rampant there. Time will tell. Do any of our readers have some info they can add?

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6 Responses to It’s Official – Little Darlings Is No More

  1. Anonymous says:

    Apparently Little Darlings is reopening, possibly as soon as today, 8/9/13. You should check it out. Supposedly it will be under new management and was renovated.


    • Thanks for the heads up! I will definitely check it out.

      Although, I wonder what it will be like after such a mammoth fine. I’d expect them to run a much tighter ship (which is the opposite of what made that club popular). But who knows. Let us know what you think if you visit.


  2. Jose says:

    I believe this can’t help but have some chilling effect on the “local chain” extras clubs (NOLA tends to be a bit split-personality on this aspect) even if there was something specific to LD that triggered the intervention. As for reopenings, LD was not only an extreme extras club, but also the one “black strip club” on Bourbon — it would be interesting to see if a rebooted club would try to hold the niche or also change directions on that.


    • I can’t verify this as fact, but one of the dancers at Little Darlings told me the club had been actively trying to court more non-black patrons (specifically whites and Asian businessmen) to try to bring in more big spenders. It’s not that the club didn’t want black customers, but some of the dancers started complaining that they weren’t making enough money and that they did better with white/Hispanic/Asian customers than black customers.

      Little Darlings had a strange vibe. There were pat-downs for every customer that entered, the dancer outside always took you to the back before you could settle in … it probably turned off a lot of people. I’m very hesitant to say there was a gang-related or violent element to Little Darlings, because I really don’t know. People often (mistakenly) stereotype black clubs as being affiliated with drugs and pimps and that’s just unfair. I don’t want to do that to their employees and customers. However, IF law enforcement thought the problem with Little Darlings extended beyond just extras in the VIPs, I can see why they’d come down hard on the club. If a club is involved with drugs dealing/trafficking, turf wars between rival gangs wanting to claim “territory” or strippers as their own, or outright involuntary prostitution – the police are more motivated to act than if it’s just extras.

      One thing is for certain: Stiletto’s, Lipstixx and Temptations aren’t getting by on alcohol sales and regular lap dances alone. I’m curious to see how this plays out for them.


  3. Robert James Brown says:

    Nola Strip Club Review You should email me so we can talk. I have more information that is factual than anyone about this matter.


  4. Jt says:

    I really liked Lil darling I haven’t been to NO in a while I plan to come this weekend. And was hoping to take my man to a nice strip club with beautiful women. So if someone can help me out. Ms philly


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