Club Updates, Where Y’at Reader’s Choice for Best Strip Club

We’ll keep this post light and dive right into the action. Here’s what I learned this week:

Penthouse Club New Orleans(1) Penthouse Club is not immune to summer slow season. We already knew that, but the place was a graveyard when I went on Tuesday night. Absolutely no one tipping at the stage, so the dancers basically threw in the towel halfway through their set. The quality of dancers wasn’t bad, but it didn’t seem like there were that many of them, and if there were more then they were in the dressing room the entire time. I saw some girls I found appealing, and some I didn’t. The were a few girls who you wouldn’t think could dance at Penthouse, but overall it was still pretty good. I’m told the club still gets packed on Fridays and Saturdays. My next visit will probably be a Thursday; hopefully the club will have the same level of dancers as a weekend night but I’ll at least be able to find a seat.

(2) Visions Men’s Club is also susceptible to summer slow season. Again, you and I knew this already, but the club’s Saturday shift is usually pretty solid. This past Saturday, it was not. The club barely sat half of the one bar – and that’s as packed as I saw it. The quality of girls was, overall, pretty poor as well. There were some decent girls, there were some girls who weren’t decent, and a few above-average dancers. I wouldn’t call any of them a knockout. It’s possible that this was just an off day for them, but it was disappointing nonetheless.

(3) Thanks to insight from one of the readers, Little Darlings may be closed. Those of you that have been on Bourbon know that Little Darlings always has a dancer by the door trying to lure people in. A couple of months ago, I noticed there was no dancers outside Little Darlings. In fact, the door was closed and there were no signs it was even open. However, Little Darlings was forced to install 30 cameras in the VIP rooms and around the club by city regulators. The club was fined for “alleged prostitution and loitering” – which isn’t hard to believe. It’s accurate. But, I cannot verify anything. I will check this out next out and report back. Any of our readers know what’s up?

(4) This is old news, but Where Y’at Magazine recently reveled its “Best of the Big Easy” winners for 2013. These results are 100% survey based and reader decided. Among the many categories is “Best Gentlemen’s Club” – so let’s see who won:

Best of the Big EasyBest Gentlemen’s Club
1) Rick’s Cabaret: 315 Bourbon
This 18,000-square-foot gentlemen’s club is three floors of seductive bliss. With beautiful women and a quality sound system located just steps off Bourbon Street, Rick’s is sure to satisfy all of your party cravings.
2) Penthouse Club: 727 Iberville St.
3) Visions Men’s Club: 4000 Downman Rd.

The same three clubs make it every year. Rick’s Cabaret usually wins, and they also spend the most money on advertising with Where Y’at … hmmmmmmmmm. But anyway, that’s what people in New Orleans think is the best strip club. Take these results for what they’re worth.

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4 Responses to Club Updates, Where Y’at Reader’s Choice for Best Strip Club

  1. Jose says:

    I suppose that those reader surveys are affected by the readers wanting to themselves look like they appreciate the very finest.

    Reading that news report about Lil’ Darlings, besides the “why I’m shocked, just shocked” (that it took them this long to notice) factor, those required measures would mean it had to stop being the kind of club it was anyway, so probably better to just use the slow season to close for the reboot… if it even happens.


    • Completely agree on both counts.

      Little Darlings is an extras club. That’s why people went. Think about it … the club itself was an armpit, they had a VERY limited bar, the dancers were nothing special, the stage shows sucked, there was almost nowhere to sit … the only redeeming factor was the club’s “anything goes” attitude in the private rooms. Now that’s gone. So why else would anyone want to go?

      The funny thing about Little Darlings – it’s a chain. Hustler, Inc. has them all over the country … Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas, Oklahoma City, Baltimore, Seattle … and they’re usually nice clubs. How did the one in New Orleans get so shitty? Why did Hustler corporate allow one of its clubs to fall off in a huge tourist destination?

      I wonder if there will be one crackdown on the “extras” clubs on Bourbon.


      • Jose says:

        It seems to me DejaVu/Hustler tries planting in each market they enter as many of their different brands as it will sustain, often by flagging preexisting clubs (In San Fran’s Barbary Coast they’ve done so for virtually all but one of the major locals – half a dozen DV-affiliated joints in two blocks), and it may be that this strategy has led them in some cases to not be very selective about who’s running the local outlet. I don’t know it for a fact but it would not surprise me if their top-of-the-line “Flynt’s Hustler” clubs are carefully watched from HQ because of the brand bringing Larry’s name into it, but then they get looser as they go down market niche.


      • That could be true. I wonder how many people realized that Little Darlings was managed by the same company as Hustler and Barely Legal. And why did they slip so much on that club? Also, Deja Vu … who does that club cater to?

        I’ve long thought that Hustler Club, et al only survives because clueless tourists think that’s the only place that exists.


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