Club Review: Jasmine Private Club

jasmine private club

The bar/lounge area at Jasmine – 1st floor

Due to the popularity of the Colette review, I decided to post a review of the other swingers club in New Orleans, Jasmine. For those unfamiliar, Jasmine is not a strip club; it’s a club for singles and couples looking to meet, and possibly have sex with, other like-minded singles and couples. You can trade wives/husbands, engage with a single to make a three-some, or whatever you want. There’s a dungeon on the fourth floor (if you’re into S&M). There’s a floor just for couples and one for singles and couples. Like Colette, the night is what you make of it. It’s up to YOU to meet people and start conversations. I think too many guys expect it to be like a strip club where the girls come to you.

Of course, not all couples come to Jasmine for sex. In fact, most don’t. There’s a lot of chit chat and dancing downstairs. Couples come here because it’s a very relaxed atmosphere; you’re not going to see guys getting mad because someone looked at their wife dancing (unlike some other clubs). The couples that do end up having sex rarely ask for a third (or fourth) party. And there are few singles. Scratch that – there are few single women. Tons of single guys.

The Details


213 Baronne Street
New Orleans, LA 70112
(504) 585-1870
Jasmine website
Location on Google Maps


Sunday-Thursday – CLOSED
Friday – 9:00pm-4:00am
Saturday – 9:00pm-4:00am


Like Colette, you need a membership to get into Jasmine. Getting a membership only takes seconds. You give them you driver’s license and pay for your membership period. I think you sign a release as well. Membership fees are as follows for men and couples (in-state):

Three-month membership: $40
Six-month membership: $60
One-year membership: $100
One night (out-of-state tourists only): $20

Membership for single women:

Six-month membership: $20

Once you’ve obtained your membership, door fees are as follows:

Couples: $40
Single men: $70
Single women: free

So if you’re a single guy going for your first time, the least it’ll cost you is $110 to get in the door. If you’re a single woman, it’ll cost you $20.


Juice, sodas and waters are complimentary. The club is BYOB.

The Club

jasmine club new orleans

Dance floor at Jasmine – 1st floor

There are four stories in the building. The first/main floor is mainly a dance and meet-and-greet area. The front of the club is a bar with a lounge-type area with tables and couches. Behind the bar is the dance floor. There’s a stripper pole and stage (and a lady who strips every Saturday night apparently), a DJ, more couches, a TV playing porn videos, and a standing bar but without chairs. Unlike Colette, the club is partitioned into different sections. Colette has a more open layout; less walls and bigger rooms. Jasmine feels crowded. It’s not as big to begin with, but having walls everywhere makes it feel smaller.

The second floor is for singles and couples that are looking for somewhere more intimate. There’s a voyeur room (although it’s not nearly as big or as nice as the one at Colette), several rooms along a hallway with doors that lock and shut, a theater room (showing—you guessed it—porn!) with seating, and a bathroom. There are also some couches along the hallway in case you just want to talk and watch others fuck. This floor is mainly for single guys looking to score with other couples. It’s not nearly as active as you’d think or hope it would be.

Jasmine swingers club

Private room at Jasmine – 2nd floor

The third floor is for couples only. Singles have to be invited by another couple to get in. Supposedly there are tons of couples getting it on up there. It has a giant bed that’s made for like 20 people. There’s certainly more traffic there than on the second floor, but I can’t comment too much since I didn’t go in.

The fourth floor is the dungeon area. Not much goes on up there. It’s pretty cool, though, as they have a giant cross with leather straps and a dude who’s pretty good with a whip. The dungeon area seems pretty nice if you’re looking for that kind of experience. It’s one thing you won’t find at Colette.

Jasmine dungeon

The dungeon at Jasmine – 4th floor

The club also has lockers available. It’s only a $10 deposit that you get back when you leave and turn in the lock they give you.

The Personnel

So I’m sure you’re wondering what kind of people you’ll find at Jasmine. It’s mostly middle-aged couples. I’d say most guests were in their 40s. Some 30-somethings and VERY few 20-somethings. There were a few couples 50 and over, but that’s not the majority. The people that go there are friendly. So is the staff. As mentioned, it’s a very laid back atmosphere. If you’re a couple, you should have no issue trying to find another couple to chat with. If you’re single, you may feel a little left out.

The night I went, the dance floor was mainly (married) women dancing with other (married) women. The men pretty much sat back and watched. Most couples never leave the first floor. Sure, they’ll get curious and go check out the second and third floors, but it ends there. Just looking. Most people on the fourth floor – the dungeon – are just there to watch, not partake.

jasmine couples club

The couples/orgy room at Jasmine – 3rd floor

Jasmine is supposed to be the wilder club in contrast to Colette. I didn’t find that; there was way more sex at Colette. Jasmine is a more casual club (casual, not cheaper), but it seemed to me that few couples were into the swinger lifestyle, even though it’s a swingers club. Jasmine seemed louder and more energetic than Colette, and there were certainly more people, but the atmosphere isn’t as sexual.

A few other notes:

  • The website talks about limiting the number of single men in case it gets too out of balance with men and women. Yeah…they don’t mean that. They make $70+ for every single guy that shows up; they’re not going to turn that down.
  • Each Saturday night is themed (check their Calendar of Events). I think the theme night I went to was Leather & Lace. Don’t bother with the themes. Not one person, not even staff members, knew what the theme was.
  • There is a woman who comes in every Saturday who performs a strip tease for various club patrons on the stage on the main floor. She gets fully nude and will dance for anyone who gets in the chair next to the stage. It’s only for a few minutes, though. Here’s a pic of the stage if you’re curious.
  • There is a parking lot at the Hilton very close to Jasmine. I paid $10 for temporary parking.
  • I’m going to refer back to my review of Colette for this next point: do NOT go into this expecting to get laid if you’re a single guy. It’s best to go into it expecting that you won’t have sex. It’s a swingers club, but not everyone there is interested in swinging. And there are a lot of single men there vying for the attention of the few single ladies. Read the Colette review for my spiel on that.

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13 Responses to Club Review: Jasmine Private Club

  1. lesa says:

    Just very curious


  2. FromVA says:

    My girlfriend and I are planning a visit to Jasmine in the near future. She has also expressed the desire to find a club where we can find a dark corner booth where she desires to have sex or at least some play. She is good with being watched. Is Jasmine and Collete’s the only place for this or are there opportunities in the strip clubs or elsewhere in or near the French Quarter?

    I noted elsewhere the laws regarding public sex in NO; I assume don’t get caught late night in the quarter!?

    Thanks for the great reviews!


    • Strip clubs, no. Other places in the Quarter? Maybe, but I couldn’t tell you where.

      I think you’ll like Collete the best. Jasmine’s, from what I could tell, was more about socializing downstairs with other swinging couples. It was a place where married men could dance with other married women and not get suckerpunched by each other’s spouses. Collete was more about sex. You’ll find the booths you’re thinking about upstairs at Collete. You can choose to have a light on or off.


  3. Marybeth smith says:

    I would like someone to contact me bc my boyfriend and I are intrested in visiting


  4. Linette gilchrist says:

    Awesome club been several times and enjoy it very much!! Thanks Jasmine!!!


  5. Anonymous says:

    The best swinger club in town I love jasmine I really do ..


  6. Anonymous says:

    My wife and I went December 2014 on a Saturday night. It was awesome. We spent most of the time in the large room and saw some hot stuff. We were not bothered by single guys and were comfortable enough to mess around ourselves. Can’t wait to visit again.


  7. Anonymous says:

    We would love to come visit and see what opportunities await!!


  8. Anonymous says:

    My husband and I are going Halloween night. I’ll be looking for single guys to have sex with. The more the merrier. I’ll end up in the dungeon before the nights over. Can anyone say Gangbang!


  9. Latosha Hill says:

    I visited the club Jasmine this past weekend.. OMG it was so much I really enjoyed the total experience it was everything we expected and then some… we traveled from Memphis to visit the club and it was certainly worth the trip…. I definitely plan to make a trip back to the NOLA


  10. darnell says:

    Me and my girlfriend went to Jasmine back in November of 2015 we had a very very good time it was everything we expected and more the staff was very professional and friendly planning to go back in March of 2016 I recommend this club to anybody that wants to have a good inhibited sexual experience


  11. Billie says:

    My bf and I visited jasmine and it was great. We diffently will be back. Everyone was very nice and curious. Its a great place to visit.rate it as a 10.


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