A quick post on strip club shot girls

strip club shot girlI’m sure everyone heard about the Minnesota Vikings inviting a former strip club owner to its rookie camp. The idea was that since the NFL has dealt with so many off-the-field issues with its younger players, why not have an actual strip club owner tell them how strip clubs target young people with money.

But that’s not what I’m going to talk about today. There was one quote from the former owner that I want to address:

“I can buy 100 cases of Crown Royal (whiskey) for $36,000, and the distributor will just give me 15 cases of Captain Morgan (rum) that I can sell for $5.25 a shot and (pay off) the whole transaction,” Bishop says. “I can sell a guy a bottle of beer for $4.25 when it costs me 26 cents, and Uncle Sam keeps track of every nickel.

“I’m buying drinks for pennies, and I’m making a percentage off your thousands.”

The point I’ll make relates to shot girls. Many customers I’ve spoken with don’t know why they’re there. They don’t particularly like the shots, and they seem expensive (or, really, overpriced). How exactly do they add to the enjoyment of the strip club?

The short answer is they don’t – at least in my opinion. The managers are the ones pushing shot girls to sell drinks since they’re so profitable. Think of how much alcohol is in a single shot. Barely any. At Visions, depending on the night, those shots will sell for $2-$4 each. On Bourbon they’re $5 and over. That’s easy money for the club.

Visions may be the worst in terms of overrunning the place with shot girls. There’s always at least one, and on busier nights there are two or three. As soon as a girl sits next to you they’ll swoop down like vultures and offer you both a shot. And here’s a tip – at most clubs the dancers are REQUIRED by management to say yes. Some clubs give the girls a quota for drinks they need to sell (although it’s not many). And if you say no, they’ll guilt you into asking if you’d like to buy her a shot. Why the hell would you want to do that?

I don’t mind spending money, but I want to spend it on what (and who) I want to spend it on. I don’t like giving away money to the club, and that’s essentially what you’re doing when you buy these shots. If you like them, great; if you don’t, be assertive and refuse.

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