Strip Club Review: Scores New Orleans

Scores New OrleansSimilar to Lipstixx Gentlemen’s Club, Scores is one of the more popular locals’ clubs on Bourbon. While many Bourbon Street strip clubs cater to tourists, Scores is locally owned and doesn’t have the same ridiculous prices you’ll find at Hustler, Rick’s, and Barely Legal. That’s not saying the prices are a bargain, but they’re not as much of a rip off relative to other clubs. And while the girls aren’t as attractive as Penthouse, you still get a lot of the top girls from other clubs dancing here. It’s ethnically diverse and you have a pretty good chance of finding at least one girl you’ll like.

I’m not sure if Scores New Orleans is affiliated with the same group that operates the Scores clubs in New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, etc. If it is, then Scores New Orleans is a far cry from Scores NYC. Scores used to be called Scores Mansion, then it changed to Scores Gentlemen’s Club, and now it’s Scores New Orleans. Scores New Orleans is the sister club of Lipstixx, Stiletto’s, and Temptations. My guess is they’re trying to leach off of Scores NYC’s brand name, because neither the club nor the girls are that premiere.

UPDATE: Scores New Orleans actually is part of Scores Holding Company, which owns Scores NYC. Hopefully they’ll make some kind of effort to increase the quality of the club. Also, according to the club’s Facebook page, Scores has the weirdest hours ever. No consistent opening or closing time throughout the week.

Also, don’t use the ATM inside the club. The withdrawal fee is like $10 or $15.

scores new orleansThe Details

416 Bourbon Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 525-0999
Scores website

$5-$10 (usually free on slow week nights)

Drink Prices:
Water/Soda – $5
Beer – $8 for domestic, $9 for imported
Well Drinks – $9+

Dance Prices:
Lap Dances – $40 per song (or 3 for $100)
VIP rooms – $300-$350 (half hour)

The Interior

Scores isn’t as spacious as a larger club like Barely Legal, but it’s not as cramped as Lipstixx. There are basically two main stages. The first is a circular stage (which isn’t very big) in the middle of the main floor. The good thing is a circular stage allows each seat to have a good view of the dancer, so that’s a plus. The second stage is rectangular and is located toward the back of the club. Between the two stages there is plenty of stage seating. The downside is there’s not much seating away from the stage, but the off-stage seats still have good views of the stage. Each girl starts on the main stage then moves to the second.

The club itself is kinda crappy. The layout of the club has a lot of length and not much width, so when it’s crowded it’s tough to move around the club. It’s not like Stiletto’s where the chairs are stained and smell bad, but it’s nothing special. The bar does have a fair amount of seating, which many strip clubs can’t say.

scores mansion

Private dances are done upstairs. Regular lap dances are done in a big room with chairs and couches in it. There is nothing separating you from other patrons but the room is very dark, so it’s not like privacy is a huge concern. It seems like something crazy could happen in there but it likely won’t (maybe in the VIP, but not here). They’ll grind on you pretty good and maybe let you touch, but nothing beyond that. The VIP rooms are completely private. I’ve never done a VIP room at Scores, but I’ve heard the mileage in there can be pretty good. Extras are available if you’re willing to tip extra ($50-$100 probably) and find the right girl. There’s possible a tip involved for the waitress (to not interrupt you) or you may have to buy some obligatory drinks to make her go away.

The Personnel

The girls at Scores are a notch below Rick’s and Penthouse but better than the rest. On busy nights, the girls are on par with Hustler and Barely Legal, but on slow nights the girls at Scores are no better than anywhere else. I’ve been told the quality of girls at Scores has declined over the past few years (that seems to be the trend everywhere), so keep that in mind if you’ve visited in the past. I wouldn’t say the hustle here is bad, but like all places on Bourbon Street, you need to be aware of girls either up-selling you or making promises they have no intention of keeping. If you agree to tip extra for certain services, be cautious of tipping up front. Show her that you have the money (she’ll want to know you’re not broke) but tell her you’ll tip her afterward.

On busy nights there are waitresses who will walk around pestering you to buy a drink, but it’s almost empty on week nights. No waitresses, no bouncers, maybe one bartender…it’s hard to believe. The staff will leave you alone but the girls aren’t shy about coming up to you and asking for a dance. The club isn’t very big so it’ll be hard to hide yourself if you’re looking to be left alone.

I’ve said this on other blog posts, but it’s worth reiterating: the price listed for the VIP rooms is minimum pricing. Think of it this way… the club gets $100 for every half hour spent in the upstairs private rooms. So that’s $100 off the top. Then you have your dancer fee, which ranges. If it’s Saturday night, you can bet that fee will be higher than on Monday night. Let’s say a ballpark figure is $200-$300. After that, you have to tip the VIP hostess. Likely something around $60, but could be more. You aren’t obligated to tip the hostess, but remember this… the hostess decides how much “fun” you have up there. Strategically planned “interruptions” could spoil your night. I’m not saying that would necessarily happen, but I know I wouldn’t want to risk it if I’ve already paid that much.

scores new orleans
scores VIPscores VIP

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  1. Jose says:

    From what I can determine reading Scores Holdings(SCRH)’s SEC filing, SCRH licenses the use of the name to a handful of local owner/operators but stay hands off from operations. After the collapse of the original “legendary” Scores, the new owners of one of the NY locations also picked up SCRH to retain the trademarks; the NOLA location is a “legacy” licensee from the old Scores, I suppose as long as they pay the royalty they get to keep it until such a time someone asks to renegotiate.


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