Strip Club Review: Little Darlings

UPDATE 7/22/2013: This club is no longer operating and has been closed indefinitely.

Before I give you my review, let me first tell you about my first experience there some two years ago and what others are saying about the club.

Little Darlings New OrleansI had only ever been to Little Darlings once before tonight. From what I remember the club was small and felt really cramped if there were a lot of people (and it gets super crowded on weekends). I remember cover was $5 but drinks were expensive ($11-$12 for a double shot). The friend I was with told me this was the wildest club on Bourbon, in the sense that management would turn a blind eye to whatever goes on in the back rooms. I also remember that, upon arrival, I was greeted by a dancer whose first words were “Are you ready to get that dick sucked?”

Before heading out, I decided to do some research and see what others were saying about the club. The online reviews are anything but flattering. The girls are described as trashy and unappealing, and the managers are described as rude and genuinely unfriendly. If I had to guess, it’s because Little Darlings may deal with some very difficult customers from time to time and the managers have to be assertive. I wouldn’t take it personal. Little Darlings, in case some readers may not know, is a predominantly black club. Occasionally you’ll find an Asian or Hispanic girl dancing, but it’s mostly black girls. If you’re not a fan of ethnic girls then obviously it’s not the club for you.

The Details

411 Bourbon Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 586-0911
Little Darlings website

$5-$6 (sometimes free cover with one or two-drink minimum)
Free Pass

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Sunday: open 4:00PM ’til close (usually 6:00AM)
Sometimes open at 2:00PM on Wednesdays through Saturdays

Drink Prices (vary):
Water/Soda/Beer/Red Bull – $6
Mixed drinks – $10+

Lap Dances:
Couch dance – $20 per song
VIP – $250 (half hour)

The Club

I decided to go on a Wednesday night. A club’s strongest night is Friday and Saturday, but I don’t think the girls get that much hotter of weekends. The club was surprisingly…empty. There were definitely more dancers than customers. The girl at the door will take you to the back of the club, talk a while, and try to sell you dances. The girls here are aggressive, so be prepared to say no if you’re not interested in the girl at the front. I wouldn’t say they’re trying to hustle you, but the girls here push lap dances and VIP rooms and barely make any money from stage dances. There’s only one single-pole stage in the entire club (which means it’s not a very good “spectators” club).

The cover was $6, but they had a drink special where everything was $3.54 (don’t understand the change – maybe it includes sales tax). Supposedly they run drink specials like that every few days (I know Tuesdays are 2-for-1 specials on drinks, dances, and VIP rooms). I think the price of dances varies considerably depending on the girl. I’ve heard couch dances are usually $20 per song, but some dancers will add a surcharge or make you buy two songs. The dancer I sat with made me get two songs for $40. I don’t know if they did away with table dances (they used to be $10 per song) but I wasn’t offered one. I’ve heard of VIP rooms going from $150 to $300 (half hour), so you may be able to negotiate with the girls on slow nights. It seems like the kind of club where special deals can be brokered.

The VIP room was small and dimly lit. There’s a love seat, a table, and a curtain for privacy. The dancers will probably turn the light down even more to avoid the manager seeing anything, so if dark rooms don’t do it for you, make sure you tell the dancer to leave the lights up before you get the room. The lap dance area with the couches is very well lit. I wish the rest of the place was like that. Some girls here will straight up ask if you’re interested in sexual services, but not all. The girls that will are pretty up-front about it.

From what I’m told, new managers were brought in and have really turned the place around. Before the club was packed with guys who stood around and never got dances and rarely tipped. The club has strict drink minimums (unless you’re with a girl) and isn’t set up for people that just want to hang out near the stage. Penthouse is a great place to chill and watch stage dances, this is not.

UPDATE: Here are a few more points I wanted to add but forgot:

  • Make sure to use the ATM with the $5 withdrawal fee (it’s always a good idea to bring plenty of cash to avoid ATM fees, but this is the cheaper ATM fee)
  • Customers are dressed very casual; there’s no specific dress code
  • The club sometimes gives free cover with a 2-drink minimum
  • Little Darlings is managed by the same company that runs Déjà Vu and Barely Legal (in case you were curious)
  • Wednesdays are $3 for all drinks (beer, soda/water, red bull, single-shot)
  • Tuesdays are 2-for-1 everything – drinks, dances, and VIP rooms

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3 Responses to Strip Club Review: Little Darlings

  1. Brian says:

    Don’t go to Little Darlings: its a complete rip off and scam. The women drag you in and tell you its $10.00, dance for 5 minutes and tell you that you owe them $80.00. Management enforces the pay off to leave. Trust me it a scam.


    • That sounds awful. But, unfortunately, this isn’t the first I’ve heard about the dancers at Little Darlings trying overcharge customers (or falsify charges completely).

      I cannot personally verify any scams, though; it’s all hearsay from various other people. I’ve been there three or four times, and each time the girl at the front brought me to the back and tried to upsell me on the VIP/private rooms. I was never forced to pay for dances or tip. I’m certainly not saying it won’t happened (or hasn’t), and I’m definitely not saying you’re wrong. But I can’t say anything with 100% conviction until I have first-hand experience with one of these scenarios.


  2. Anonymous says:

    i went there the place is great and the girls are really hot, the drinks are really expensive


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