Revisiting Temptations

I will admit that my previous review of Temptations wasn’t the best since I honestly do not frequent the club that often. I still don’t since they’re in the same price range as Penthouse Club and Rick’s Cabaret and don’t have the same quality of dancers. However, I get a lot of interest about Temptations for whatever reason so I decided to go back.

The Personnel

Temptations on Bourbon StreetExcept and Friday and Saturday nights, this club never has a large crowd of patrons or dancers. It’s usually deserted on week nights. The dancers, as you’d expect, are solid 8s, but you’re not going to see very many knockout girls that absolutely irresistible. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere for Bourbon Street and the girls won’t push too hard for dances. The wait staff won’t pressure you to keep drinking either. Mixed and specialty drinks are pricey ($10+), but beers are around $5-$7.

Spending just a little bit of time in Temptations clued me in as to why this club generates so much interest. The girls that lure customers inside the door will escort them to the main stage room and usually push VIP rooms right off the bat. They’ll ask to do some regular dances before the VIP just to feel you out (and get you to spend an extra $40-$100 before you go VIP). I can see the regular lap dances getting pretty wild since the rooms are so separate from the main building and super private. I never saw any of the floor staff pass by once when I got a dance, and they wouldn’t be able to see what’s going on anyway. When you get in the private rooms they’ll ask what you’re really interested – and they’ll let you know what they’re willing to do and for how much. If you’re looking to make the night unforgettable, just make sure you settle on the tip before you go to the VIP.

The Club

The club itself is beautiful, but in serious need of a renovation. My main complaint is it’s annoyingly dark. I could barely see anything that wasn’t on stage. The main stage area is nice for watching dances but gets too crowded on weekends. The table and chairs don’t leave you too much room to maneuver. The upstairs rooms are very nice. Chandeliers adorn every private room, and some of the party rooms and suites used for bachelor parties are unbelievable. It’s an elegant place and would be a good spot to rent a room for a party (party packages here). The lap dance rooms are also very nice; spacious and comfortable seating. And completely private – which isn’t something you can say about most clubs and their regular lap dance areas.

Advice: do NOT withdraw money from their ATM. The withdrawal fee is $15. Just go across the street where the fee is $3.

temptations nolatemptations bourbon street

Temptations’ main stage, lights on.
Annnd… lights off. (Looks better, huh?)

temptations champagne room
One of the many badass champagne rooms at Temptations. You’ll pay, but can’t complain about the space.

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