Strip Club Review: Temptations

Temptations Bourbon StreetTemptations is supposed to complete the trifecta of high-end Bourbon strip clubs (with Penthouse and Rick’s being the other two). It’s not, even though they claim to be. Temptations has the same overpriced drinks as Penthouse and Rick’s without the girls. The girls there aren’t bad, but not nearly up to the standards of the other two. And since that’s what you’re paying for, you’re being ripped off.

Lap dances start at $40 and go up from there. The highest end dance is $100 and lasts about three songs. The VIP is 30 minutes and costs $350. Not worth it (although the private rooms there are pretty nice). The club has two stages: a big stage and a little shitty one that they only use when the place is empty. The club’s interior is nice and there’s plenty of comfortable seating at and around the stage(s).

The Details

327 Bourbon Street (next to Rick’s Cabaret)
New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 525-4470
Temptations Website

Usually free on slow nights, but sometimes around $7-10 (free admission pass)

Drink Prices:
Comparable to Penthouse and Rick’s

2-for-1 domestic beers (Mon-Fri, noon ’til 8:00pm)
2-for-1 lap dances (Mon-Fri, noon ’til 8:00pm)

The Interior

Almost looks like an old uptown home. The main room has two giant crystal chandeliers and each VIP room has a fireplace and two nice sofas. The best part about Temptations is that everything there is clean, modern and fresh. The place doesn’t reek of cigarette smoke either (although they do allow smoking inside). The bar is OK. There’s plenty of seating, too.

The Personnel

A lot of these girls come from Penthouse and Rick’s, so they’re mostly attractive but not the best on Bourbon. They’ll usually sit down and talk to you and aren’t too pushy. The support staff, however, is extremely pushy and annoyed the hell out of me. Also, always keep a drink in front of you or they’ll get pissed.

The lap dances are pretty tame. This club attracts a lot of couples and large groups, so this is a good place to hang around the stage.


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