Strip Club Review: Club Eden

Club Eden MetairieIt’s a Metairie strip club. What more can you say?

All kidding aside, Club Eden represents a monumental waste of potential. It’s in a safe neighborhood, there’s plenty of parking, drink prices are very reasonable, and the atmosphere is pleasant and laid back. Unfortunately, everything else is sub-par. The club rarely has more than five or six dancers, and it’s especially deserted on weekdays. Besides Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s ($2 drink specials), they’re liable to be closed during the week. Club Eden is a place to go if you don’t want to spend much money and don’t want to hassle with getting downtown. Good prices on lap dances as well (but they suck).

BE WARNED: Club Eden is not a topless club. The dancers are required to wear latex pasties at all times. Some people aren’t aware when they go, so be mindful of that.

The Details


3229 Lisa Drive
Metairie, LA 70003
(504) 456-3853


$10 (sometimes $5 or free if there are only a couple of girls working)


Sunday-Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday-Saturday: 7:00pm ’til close (usually around 3:00am)


Water/Soda – $3-$4
Beer – $4
Mixed and specialty drinks  – $7-$8 (some are a little more)

Private Dances:

$30 per song
VIP is $250 for a half hour (special rate of $125 for 15 minutes on Fridays only)

The Interior

The interior leaves something to be desired. Old, tropical-themed chairs, not much bar seating, and only one stage. It should be noted that the main stage doesn’t even have a stripper pole; it has a painted support beam running down the middle (which the dancers rarely use). It’s actually pretty funny – and indicative of how sleazy this place really is.

I liked the setup of the stage. Every seat has a good view. The other two stages, which are only used when there’s a large crowd, are also very patron-friendly.

The VIP section isn’t much, and the girls there aren’t even allowed to touch you in the regular lap dance area, so lap dances at Eden are pretty unexciting for the most part.

The Personnel

There are some cute ones, but this ain’t the Penthouse Club. You’ll see your fair share of dogs.

I will say that these girls are very friendly. They’ll talk to you without trying to hustle you for a dance, and if you decline they’re very courteous. The bartenders are pretty chill, and the doorman’s not bad either. It’s a small club so there really aren’t many staff members.

Final Say

Don’t waste your time here. Its location and prices lure a lot of people in, but your money’s much better spent at other places. Jefferson Parish seems to hate strip clubs, so there’s a chance Club Eden won’t be around much longer.

UPDATE 1/12/2013: While the girls are still required to wear pasties, they no longer have to be completely opaque. It’s basically like they’re not wearing pasties anymore. The club starts to pick up at around 9:00-11:00pm, and starts to wind down considerably at around 2:00am. The quality of girls is MUCH  better than before. Parking is a breeze (unlike anywhere on Bourbon) and the surrounding neighborhood is safe.

I did a standard lap dance and VIP room. I was not bothered during any of my dances, nor was there a bouncer looking over my shoulder. There are no cameras (that I could see) anywhere in the club. That said, this still isn’t THAT type of club. 99% of girls here aren’t selling pussy. The mileage is very good, but the extras are rare. It’s a very laid back atmosphere. No hustle, no one pressuring you to buy drinks or dances. You can sit back and chill or get a good stage view during dances.

The VIP dance area is behind the stage to the right. They are both completely private (a curtain separates you from the rest of the club). One has a leather couch / loveseat and the other has a big leather chair (the one with the loveseat – the room on the left – is bigger). It was pretty dark but to the point where you can’t see anything. When I went, I was not bothered by the bouncer or waitress at all until the dance was over. And unlike places like Visions, your time will not be cut short in the VIP.

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8 Responses to Strip Club Review: Club Eden

  1. PassingThrough says:

    My wife and I stopped by last Saturday night and really enjoyed. The girls were friendly, attractive and sexy. I am not a frequent strip club visitor, but compared to some of the commercial type clubs I have gone to, Club Eden has them beet hands down!

    I am sure every night will vary, but all of the girls were worthy of being on the stage, and 75% were best described as hot.


  2. Anonymous says:

    A lot has changed in the past year. New management helped bring the club up a few notches. They are now open 7 days a week. The Sunday and Monday nights are typically slower and they don’t have as many girls as other nights during the week. Drinks are still reasonable and parking is not an issue. The club is safe and freindly and the staff is very professional. it is my prefered club and I am sure it will stay that way. I don’t mind not having a packed out club and a bunch of people running around. I like the laid back vibe.


  3. Ravi says:

    Well, I do not know how it was before but I went to Eden club recently and I really had wonderful time. The girl are looking good, more sexy than other parlors I have been and they know why they are here. I double that the staff is friendly, professional and really helping you to realize your fantasies…


  4. DC says:

    First time going into this place in almost 5 years, been about 3 years since I’ve been to a strip club, my money was better spent on back page.

    Went on a Friday night out of Bordem and was very surprised. The place hasent changed much in decor but the staff and Girls are much better than I remember. As a plus, friend of mine actually worked there as a bouncer, that was news to me.

    My night was going very well, first girl that came up to hit it off from the get go conversation wise. I guess she liked me because I got away with a lot short of actually intercourse in both the lap dance areas and the VIP. (BTW on Fridays they have two for one lap dances) Was mutually planned with me and her that we were going to hang out for a bit after her shift, that didn’t happen! While she was in the back changing she apparently got sick and started throwing up, something about not eating before drinking she mumbled as I caught up with her outside as one of the bouncers(not my friend) was giving her a ride home. May go try again next week, undecided as of yet.


  5. mardi gras visitor says:

    I went here last sun March 2,2014 with my boyfriend and it was whack. These chicks are lazy and only 4 can actually dance. I got plenty singles from the door man when we came in I left with most of them. They never came to our table only the hostess. I tipped a few if the girls whose dancing was good. They don’t even have a strip pole at center stage it’s a pole that holds up the structure of the bldg,lol. This place is not worth nobody time.


  6. Jl says:

    I was passing through and bored at the hotel so I googled clubs and Eden popped up at first sight it’s a really nice place yeah right everything that glitters isn’t gold I felt extremely pressured by one of the girls for lap dances and VIP rooms I finally decided what the hell and got a room I didn’t really care about the money or the fact that the girl really wasn’t that attractive it was what happend in the VIP room first of all I could’ve just used back page but then after about 20minutes into it the girl just turns around and asks me if I wanted some cocaine …. I finished the room and left I will never go back there again it is by far one of my worst experiences


    • WHOA! I’m shocked anything like that could go down at Club Eden. That’s the kind of place where’s you’d do a VIP room and get only a dance. Maybe some extra grinding, but Eden is pretty tame by strip club standards. That’s crazy.


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