Babe’s Cabaret and Big Daddy’s both lose alcohol permits

In addition to the five clubs named earlier, Babe’s Cabaret and Big Daddy’s will also lose their alcohol permit according to WWL and Louisiana ATC reports instances of prostitution and “drug activity” at both strip clubs, plus two other bars on Bourbon Street (The Swamp and Bourbon Cowboy).

Babe's Cabaret on Bourbon Street in New Orleans

While a club named Big Daddy’s World Famous Love Acts – yes, that’s the full name of the club – getting shut down for (alleged) prostitution doesn’t surprise me, Babe’s Cabaret does. Babe’s had undergone a serious renovation to the club and had become pretty tame, I thought. There really weren’t any “private” rooms, or at least private in the sense that nobody couldn’t easily see what was going on in there. I’m sure there was some OTC going on there (just like there is at all of the “clean” clubs… Hustler, Barely Legal, etc). But unlike Lipstixx, Scores, etc. – there wasn’t much fucking going on inside the club whenever I went. Unless the club changed dramatically in a short amount of time.

It’s an interesting time for the New Orleans strip club scene.

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Multiple Bourbon Street Strip Clubs Cited for Drugs, Prostitution, and Other Crimes

I may need to update my post on where you can “score” in New Orleans!

In case you haven’t heard, five strip clubs on Bourbon Street were busted in an undercover drug and prostitution sting conducted by the Louisiana ATC. Charges ranged from drugs and prostitution to the more vague “lewd/improper acts.” The affected clubs are: Lipstixx, Scores New Orleans (aka “The Mansion on Bourbon”), Centerfolds, Dixie Divas, and Chez Joey (formerly Artist Cafe).

Scores Mansion on Bourbon Street in New OrleansLipstixx Gentlemen's Club on Bourbon Street in New Orleans

To anyone familiar with the New Orleans strip club scene, this is hardly surprising. I’m more surprised that Stiletto’s and Temptations were left off the list. How did they miss that? Lipstixx was always an extras club. The main section of the club looked like dirt, but they always kept up the champagne rooms. All of the “hustle” at Lipstixx was an attempt to get you in the VIP. The regular lap dance room was stupid; an uncomfortable, baseball dugout-style bench in one room with no dividers. Same with Centerfolds. All about the VIP.

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Rick’s Cabaret Named “Best of New Orleans” in 2014

Rick's Cabaret

The readers of Gambit have spoken, and they named Rick’s Cabaret as NOLA’s top strip club in the magazine’s annual “Best of New Orleans” awards.


1. Rick’s Cabaret
315 Bourbon St., (504) 524-4222; @ricksnola

2. The Penthouse Club
727 Iberville St., (504) 524-4354; @penthousclubno

3. Visions Mens Club
4000 Downman Road, (504) 240-0069;

Certainly not surprising. These three always finish top 3 whenever Gambit or Where Y’at have their readers’ choice lists. They’re probably the three clubs anyone’s heard about. But… as long as Hustler Club and Barely Legal remain of the list, I’m satisfied.

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Back in the Game!

So I’ve been noticeably absent lately… let’s fix that. I’m starting to fire things up again and get the ball rolling. No major changes (yet) but we’re working on it. In the meantime, here’s what we have done…

There is a now a ‘Tourist Info‘ page on the main nav. This will be a resource for all questions visitors may have. Where to eat, where to go when not strip clubbing, etc. You may have noticed the Restaurant Guides already. This page will build on that.

I’ve updated the pages for Stiletto’s and Temptations. More on Lipstixx and Scores coming soon.

This is just a reminder to vote in our reader polls. I love getting feedback and seeing the results. Keep in mind all of these votes are tied to unique users (IPs), so when we see 200 votes – it’s a sample of 200 people (not two people voting a hundred times over). Let’s see how many responses we can get!

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Editor’s Cut: NOLA Strip Club Awards

As many of you know, I recently wrote an article for Thrillist about New Orleans strip clubs. The assignment was to create a strip club guide for New Orleans – for tourists and locals alike. Not everything made the final cut, so I present you… the shit you didn’t see!

stiletto's bourbon

This is what Stiletto’s looks like with the lights on. WTF, Stiletto’s?! You put this on your website?

Category: Best Cheap Brothel Strip Club
Winner: Stiletto’s, Lipstixx (tied)

*Cue Jimmy Fallon “Thank You Notes” music*
“Thank you, Stiletto’s, for being just like a brothel – but cheaper. Much. Cheaper.”

You don’t need to ask why you ended up at Stiletto’s or Lipstixx. You know why. It’s so you can hear the greatest words ever in a strip club: “no, we don’t need a champagne room to do that.” #Winning

As the Thrillist article will tell you… if your idea of ballin’ is breaking a $20, you’ll love Stilleto’s. Otherwise, there’s no reason to visit either club unless you’re looking for [illicit activity redacted] on the cheap.

Insider Knowledge: you’ll spend more money at Lipstixx for a VIP room than you will at Stiletto’s. At Lipstixx, you’ll be pressured to tip the VIP hostess before your time starts. Of course you can say no, but understand this is the person you’re depending on to look the other way when… well, you want her to look the other way. Denying her a tip could make the whole VIP room a giant disappointment. (NOTE: I’m pretty sure the same holds true for Scores or Temptations, but I can’t remember for certain if you’re asked to tip the hostess or not.)

dixie divasCategory: Best Retirement Home for Strippers
Winner: Dixie Divas, The Harem (tied)

Elementary schools used to do tours of the former Charity Hospital to give students a glimpse of public healthcare. They should do that with these clubs. It could serve as a PSA for what happens when strippers stay in the biz for a little too long.

Guests will enjoy such treats as the bartender/manager confidently auctioning off one of the dancers for well below MSRP. Or an overweight stripper blowing smoke in your face and asking if you’re ready for “some fun”. Pass.

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Tourist Guide, Pt. 2 of 3: Bars & Nightlife

Like it or not, here comes round two! In Pt. 1, we played restaurant critic. Now we’re giving you the lowdown on the downtown NOLA bar scene (not including strip bars). Something to keep in mind… this list only includes bars in the downtown/CBD; many of the city’s best bars are scattered throughout the city, particularly in uptown New Orleans. Also keep in mind this list is intended for tourists. Those of you who live here or visit often already know about these places.

Don’t worry – we’ll get back to writing about strip clubs soon enough…

Q: Okay, what if I want to go to bars that aren’t strip bars?

Carousel Bar Hotel Monteleone

Drink enough and you’ll think this carousel is actually moving!

No matter how fancy the bar, anywhere is cheaper to get drunk than a strip club. (Pro tip: get your buzz from those cheap “Huge Ass Beers” down the street (40oz for $12), not $8 Miller Lite at Penthouse.)

The most popular bar on Bourbon has got to be Pat O’Brien’s, without a doubt. Well, it’s actually on St. Peter – but very close to Bourbon. Nice piano bar & patio bar – and their Hurricane is legendary in New Orleans. It’s definitely worth a visit. (UPDATE: Perhaps I should retract my “most popular … without a doubt” statement. There are tons of popular bars on Bourbon, obviously, and I usually prefer to avoid sweeping generalizations like “this is EVERYONE’S favorite” anyway.)

If you’re feeling fancy, hit up the Carousel Bar at the Hotel Monteleone. It’s historic (and cool looking). And expensive. I said fancy, asshole. Also, if you’re a self-proclaimed cocktail snob, you’ll love Bar Toniqe and Bellocq (at The Hotel Modern). They’ve got the best fancy (eh, “hand-crafted”) cocktails in town, and they’re both close to NOLA downtown. Sazerac (Roosevelt Hotel) is also nice, as are most of the downtown hotel bars. I’ve been to the Swizzle Stick (Loews Hotel) and the bar at the Pere Marquette (Renaissance Hotel) and both were enjoyable.

Maybe you’re like me and you prefer the cheap stuff. Good call! Look no further than Tropical Isle (any of the four locations). They invented the Hand Grenade, a “syrup-y sweet drink made with rum, gin, vodka, grain alcohol and melon liquor.” Don’t even get their other shit, just get the Hand Grenade.

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Rick’s Cabaret Voted Best Strip Club by Where Y’at Magazine

best strip clubThe readers of Where Y’at Magazine have spoken, and they have named Rick’s Cabaret as the top strip club in New Orleans. Surprising? No. (Reader reviews are notoriously awful for Where Y’at and Gambit.) Penthouse, Rick’s and Visions always round out the top three. But kudos to the readers for not voting for Hustler Club or Barely Legal. At least they got something right…


“Best Gentlemen’s Club” – Where Y’at Magazine Best of the Big Easy 2014
1. Rick’s Cabaret: 315 Bourbon St., Are you a fan of little to no clothing? If so, Rick’s Cabaret is your go to spot. It’s a great place to have a drink and observe the beautiful scenery. Don’t pass this up if you love a great view – Check out Rick’s Sporting Saloon further down Bourbon as well.
2. Penthouse Club: 727 Iberville St.,
3. Visions: 4000 Downman Rd.,
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